Wednesday, April 23, 2014

hunting for kicks s2 e2 featuring thithi nteta

Check out my 6:51 minutes of fame on Hunting For Kicks hosted by my good good friend Mkay Frash. Seeing as I definitely, categorically do not consider myself a sneakerhead, I was really honoured and nervous when Mkay asked me to pull through and talk about my two favourite pairs of sneakers at the moment, because I am not a fan of seeing myself in moving images, neither am I very good at making decisions when it comes to clothes, shoes, sneakers or anything within the world of fashion.

Picking two pairs of sneakers that you consider your favourite pairs of sneakers is not as easy as one would think. The no brainer was obviously the Liquid Gold Air Max 1s with their liquid gold upper, perforated leather inner and just all round amazingness. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the modern look of sport

Comfort first. That was the title of the blog post where I wore my Nike Tech Fleece Poncho (which is available at selected Shesha stores) paired with the Nike Tech Fleece sweatpants. Trends are cool, but they rarely make it into my wardrobe. The irony of this statement is not lost on me. I am fully aware that sports luxe is a major trend at the moment, with women investing in statement sneakers and womenswear looks incorporating more sports inspired fabrications and silhouettes - think the bomber dress. But I would like to think that my look is because I have gotten to a point in my style journey where I know what I like, how I want to look and how I want to feel in what I am wearing.
Comfort is what is trending in my world this year. Life is too short to not feel good in what you are wearing, both physically and aesthetically.

In the fall of 2013, Nike introduced its revolutionary reinvention of the fabric of sport: fleece. 
Every time I hear the word fleece, I think of unsexy camping apparel because the only time I have ever purchased anything fleece has been when there is a camping trip on the horizon in some cold place somewhere. But, the Nike Tech Fleece is anything but what one thinks of when they think fleece. 

As the modern interpretation of fleece, Nike Tech Fleece is a unique thermal fabrication that merges a smooth jersey facing which gives it that slick streamlined look, with an inner foam that basically enhances the fleece's functionality. You get warmth without the weight and a fabrication that is not only more breathable, but also suited for the movements of an athlete. I consider shopping a form of cardio. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

beauty review: dmk medi-pedi

Still making up for lack of Beauty Week... and sharing a treatment review that I have been wanting to share with you since I first started my treatments at DMK. Some disclaimers before we start. Feet gross me out. Mine included. In fact up until my second DMK Medi-Pedi treatment, my very good friend Tumi had not seen my feet at all. They are not crusty or anything, but they are not perfect. I developed a very serious dislike of standard pedicures after contracting an infection from what I assume was a pumice or foot file that wasn't cleaned properly, but mostly, I just don't like feet.  

With that being said that does not mean that I don't aim to have my feet look decent and feel soft.  Up until I discovered the DMK Medi-Pedi my foot treatment routine has been made up of me weakly scrubbing my feet with a pumice, moisturising my feet and wrapping them in cling wrap, but all of this, as simple as a routine it is, was done half heartedly because as much as I love DIY, DIY on my feet is just no fun. 

Two weeks ago, I completed my 4 week recommended Medi - Pedi treatment (because I had a lot of hard skin build up - obvs because my pumicing was so lame) at DMK in Kramerville; and I can say and recommend with absolute unwavering certainty that the DMK Medi - Pedi is the best pedicure I have ever had for various reason starting with the fact that I don't have to go through the uncomfortable and unpleasant (for me atleast) process of having my feet scrubbed with a foot pumice or foot file that has been used on someone else previously.

Now available at 95 Sorbet salons nationwide, the DMK Medi-Pedi is a pedicure treatment developed by Danné Montague-King, a pioneer in the skin industry. The treatment removes callouses and hard skin build up using a simple and some what gentle exfoliator process via your feet being massaged. Yes. I just said massaged. I know what you are thinking... how on earth does that work? 

After your feet are cleaned, all regular pedicure procedures go out the window and the Medi part of the Medi-Pedi starts. Using rubber gloves the therapist applies the DMK Alkaline Wash on your feet, by rubbing and massaging the wash whilst spritzing water on your feet so that the Alkaline Wash doesn't dry out. As the Alkaline Wash makes contact with your skin the natural pH system of your skin which is normally around 5.6 is raised to around 12. This results in some toxin related odour emissions as the Alkaline Wash changes the pH levels of the skin, but more importantly creates an intense alkaline condition that softens the hardened skin and callouses on your feet and removes dead skin cells.

From this point on the therapist focuses on neutralising the skin by applying the DMK Herbal Pigment Oil (a skin softening oil) and the Callous Créme, both of which I have purchased for at home use.

The DMK head office is at 18 Southway, Road, Georgian Place, Block C, Kelvin, 2054 and their number is 011 262 6120. Medi - Pedi with OPI nail paint is R250,00.

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