nike cape/burg book launch

The Nike Air Max 1 is back. Last week Thursday (I know I am violently behind on posting) I accidentally, but on purpose ended up at the Cape/Burg Book Launch at the Nike Gallery on 4th in Melville. It was one of those invite only events, so I was really glad that I wore something pretty decent that morning and that the day’s stress hadn’t taken a major toll on my face and energy. I sat at table of strangers I knew from the pages of magazine and the television screens and felt like I was at a wedding. You know that scenario? When you’ve been invited to a wedding and because you’re single or a work colleague, you get randomly slotted in at the singles table. Well, if it was a wedding then it would have been one of the dopest weddings ever because my table had Aspasia Karras from The Frock Report, Giuseppe Russo from One Small Seed and Bafana Bafana soccer player Siphiwe Tshabalala, who everyone was giving a hard time because our team had just lost to Iceland. Let’s not get into that…shame poor guy.
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