25 and i’m still here


So I turned 25 on Friday the 13th and I have to say that I’m not feeling that different at all. In fact I feel the same. But then again, that’s every birthday for me. I always feel the same. I don’t feel different, but everyone around me is making insinuations that I need to be different and think differently and possibly even become a different version of myself. A more grown up version, who wants to get married and have children in the next year or two. But I am not ready to be the version of me, just yet. I still need to be the version that travels and lives in Japan for awhile. The version that goes to Vietnam and sits in café’s in Amersterdam. The version that lives in a studio apartment in Paris and runs in the rain on the way to the underground in London. I just feel like a chapter hasn’t been written in my book and that makes me nervous, but I’m also slightly petrified because I don’t want the chapter above to write out my baby making and wife-being stage.
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