a stone’s (town) throw away

I am practicing The Secret right now. I am hoping that if I send out enough messages into the universe that somehow I will venture back to Stone Town…on holiday this time. I sent out messages into the universe about wanting to work in fashion and look what happened, so I’m pretty hopeful. I was in Zanzibar for a really short time and my time in Stone Town was spent location scouting, lugging around heavy equipment, clothing and shoes, taping up models shoes, running around like a crazy person in the hottest weather I have ever experienced organising lunch and such, but it was really the most magical time I have ever had.
Stone Town is a beautiful, derelict and spiritual place. With so much to look at in every crevice and around every corner whilst dodging bicycle’s and Vespa’s -Amsterdam style – the tiny streets and alley ways of the ancient town left me convinced I could live there. Beauty can do that…

a Stone's (Town) throw away 2
I took this picture in some alley way I struggled to find later…almost got knocked over by a Vespa whilst doing it
a Stone's (Town) throw away

  • Thando
    Posted at 07:50h, 30 October Reply

    Its awesome…I made my fiance' promise that we'll go back and buy one of those massive beautifully carved doors for our dream house.

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