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Gees, I’ve had a week from hell. I think I am the happiest person in the world that tomorrow is the last day of my work-week and that I am going to have four days of relaxation, reading and general bumming around.

Last week Saturday, I rounded off my Fashion Week experience with the Colleen Eitzen, Soda and Terrence Bray show and what I lovely way to end the adventure as the collections were beautiful and somewhat erased the memory of the previous nights disappointments.
It was rather quiet when I arrived at the Turbine Hall at exactly 2pm, so I was quite worried that the show had started. Looking like a ‘hot mess’ because I had literally left my house without looking in a mirror I ran into my Fashion Weeking buddies chilling casually reminiscing about the past two days and what they expected to see on day 3 or rather which shows they were going to choose to see.

I have always been a big fan of Colleen Eitzen’s wearable and feminine aesthetic and the collection she showed on Saturday easy and comfortable. Styled with comfy looking leather sandals and Converse sneakers Eitzen’s collection exemplified casual summer.

The most memorable element of the Soda collection was the tangerine orange and the colour block dress shown. Otherwise I was quite freaked out by the prints used, specifically the deer on the blouses and such.

This collection took me on an elegant five star safari through Africa. With a copper to gold sunset inspired colour palette elegant high waisted trousers and tailored dresses styled with gorgeous two toned ribbon belts in bows that looked like they were inspired by the ribbon wrapped around the top of a safari pith helmet, the collection looked elegant and exotic.

There was some very strong colour blocking in the collection, particularly evident in the dresses.

The gorgeous copper and beautiful ink blue garments were paired with this delicious paisley type fabric.

Images courtesy of IVAN NAUDE and SAFW

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