fashion week show 2 and 3

Its late. I am not really sure why I’m still up because I have in fact had a really long day. Most people in the fashion industry are quite jaded when it comes to fashion week. I for one hope to never get to that stage, and I hope to feel how I feel about fashion week today: excited because it is a time to be immersed in some culture of fashion for three days.
Please excuse that I don’t have pictures loaded, but I wanted to load really good quality ones which I can probably only get later today so happy reading…
And on that note…
Amanda Laird Cherry’s show was quite different from anything else I had seen before from her. It was lighter, but also heavier – if that makes any sense at all. Dominated by burnt corals (if there is such a colour) and retro teal, sheer aprons and side swept hair, leather (horse bridal) type head gear and light dresses, the collection reminded me in some way of the 50’s housewife. I don’t know if it was the sheer aprons or the leather (horse bridal) type head gear, but themes or rather feminist related commentary came through the collection for me. Perhaps I am attaching to much to what was a simple show with sheer aprons and leather head gear, but I found irony in looks such as the teal tiered mini dress worn with a sheer cream apron.
Someone described it as “Bridal bondage” in the post show discussions, so I take comfort that my interpretation might not be that far off. From what I could tell, the show told a narrative, starting with the 50’s housewife in her sheer apron, muted retro colour confined by her head gear and invisible leash. A”Simone de Beauvoir” turning point was taken when the red coat dress came on stage followed immediately by a warrior like outfit with the sheer apron worn diagonally across the chest like some sort of shield. The story culminated in the last look where the only pair of pants are worn, accessorised with the leather head gear complete with leash and the model holding the leash attached to the head gear.
I really like the collection and it was really different watching a show with the intention of writing about it because you notice a lot more and pay attention. Creativity comes from somewhere so even if I’m wrong about my interpretation above, Amanda Laird Cherry was saying something…
Guillotine and Superella were the other two shows for the day. I am looking at my notebook and the first thing I wrote is ” my goodness I love Lisa Jaffe!” All I can say about her collection is that it was fantastic and dark.
Some of Lisa Jaffe’s (Guillotine) work has the same aesthetic that I so appreciate in Japanese designers work. She not only understands form and shape, but she manages to balance in a beautiful way creativity and wearability.
What I have always loved about Guillotine is that Lisa is very good and bringing in the right amount of contrast colour, be it a hint of lilac, or lemon yellow. At the start of the show, the models walked on and had light strands in their hair, which exemplifies what I just said… bringing out just the right amount of light or colour to make an impact or give character.
It is so far my favourite collection, but it is day one… I have a list of looks that I absolutely loved- like the jumpsuit, the dove grey and light salmon pink ensemble as well as the leather skirt which looked to me like a revival of silhouette that she has used before, so it is going to be a hard one to beat, because I already have a wish list…

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