boys who love fashion amuse me…

So, the other day I was listening to Big Sean’s “Get’cha some,” and as I danced to “Fresh, fresh like I’m wrapped in plastic. Polo, Louis to Gucci, like that’s one fresh jacket,” I thought about how much free publicity -what I like to refer to as ‘old money’ designer labels: like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and the like – are getting from hip hop.

In 1986, when Run DMC announced at the beginning of their song: “my Adidas walk through concert doors,” who knew that decades later Louis Vuitton would have collaborated with metrosexual rapper Kanye West on a sneaker collection and that rappers like Fashawn would be writing entire songs (Buyer’s Guide) dedicated to looking fresh?
Yeah, I said it. Kanye West is a metrosexual…. Remember the South Park episode with the fish sticks?

Anyways, this post was to acknowledge Big Sean’s good looks and fresh style…
People, who know me, know I like rappers.



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