This past weekend was full. I think I was trying to distract myself from the fact that I had just resigned from a job with no fulltime job on the horizons. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t have a plan of some sorts, I do have some projects I’m working on, because being broke doesn’t suit me. With that being said, I am still a bit nervous and would like to go on holiday
Anyways, so Friday was my last day and I was feeling celebratory to say the least. First stop was the Alex Theatre for the Tumi Live: Remixed gig. I am not going to review that gig, because I was barely there… I was in champagne world, so I didn’t hear any music and I can’t remember any real conversations. What I do remember is this girl below’s great hair and outfit and how she tried to run away from me when I photographed her…

tumi concert 1
tumi concert 2
tumi concert 3

Then on Saturday morning, I was slightly fragile from my hangover and only made it to the Pultrichude sale at around 13:00. Last time I was there,I was consumed by hunger and completely ignored the Food Market and rushed off to Parkhurst to grab lunch. This time I actually looked at the Food Market and actually bought something… but it wasn’t food.
My gorgeous friend Vie (pictured above-above) with the grey hair was selling some vintage / second hand goodies at Pultrichude. (Note to self… ask Milli, if I can join in on the fun next time). Anyways, so Vie does this really horrible thing, where she goes out and finds stuff that she knows I’ll like and then I end up liking it and spending money even when I didn’t intend to, but atleast she gives me ‘friendship discount.’ I’m on to you Vie. Read her blog http://viemyselfandi.blogspot.com/…. and the blog I share with Vie and my other friend Nomi www.pinklyte.blogspot.com *shameless plug*

pultrichude 2
pultichude 3

This is one of the things that Vie had on sale that I just could not resist. This jacket is my new favourite thing ever! I am going to have to stop myself from wearing it everyday because it’s versatility is overwhelming. I got to the sale and was wearing a floral dress and loved this jacket so much I threw it over my floral dress and the floral on floral was amazing… There’s a picture on Milli’s blog http://missmillib.blogspot.com/…

pultrichude 4
pultrichude 5

I love these accessories from Hello Fox and was glad to see them at Pultrichude. These are made by Angie from Lucky Pony http://superduper.co.za/lucky/and her friend Jo. I had the pleasure of meeting Angie (in real life) a couple of weeks ago in her kitchen whilst she was making those delicious goodies she makes for Wolves… She’s like super-woman people!

pultrichude 6

I loved this Christopher Strong skirt… if I had a job, I would have bought it, but I am trying to be a grown up… I kept coming back to it and looking at it and trying to find things I hated about it, but I loved it and walked away, like a grown up. Cos apparently, when you’re a grown up, you can’t have everything you want… Sigh…

pultrichude 7

Spotted: after months of not seeing her: Fix! I loved what she was wearing on Saturday afternoon. Everything about the outfit felt ‘markety.’ Like she could have been spotted casually walking through Portobello…

  • Milisuthando Bongela
    Posted at 13:32h, 03 August Reply

    If I could draw hearts on this thing I would! This is lovely. Thank you and of course – the more the merrier! We shall talk. I'm proud of you for taking the leap!

  • Thithi
    Posted at 17:36h, 03 August Reply

    Milli!! You were totally my inspiration! We should meet for coffee and cake and internet soon because the drama that has come from this is crazy… Totally chilling and relaxing this week and literally doing all the things I have wanted to do for ages! I never thanked you for the words you blessed me with that day at wolves… when people look at me all weird, I just think about how you said: “it'll be scary and tough at the beginning, but everything will be okay.”

  • Chantel
    Posted at 15:52h, 24 August Reply

    This looks awesome! Where is it and how often does it take place?

  • Thithi
    Posted at 16:29h, 24 August Reply

    Chantel! The next Pultrichude is on the 4th of September! Check out this link to find out more and more and more…http://missmillib.blogspot.com/2010/08/remember-remember-4th-of-september.html

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