a behind the scenes kinda girl in front of the camera

I seem to be standing in front of the camera a lot these days…
And it isn’t something I’m really used to or into, because I am (even though some people don’t believe me) a behind the scenes kind of girl. I don’t consider myself photogenic at all and seem to get really tense when a camera is put in front of me, because I actually think my smile is too big. And I am addicted to being the facilitator of a process rather than an element in the process. Hello? Big thoughts there Thithi!

As nerve wracking as it is for me to stand in front of a lens, it was all for a good cause and a good laugh…

Last week I was invited by the lovely Mili to be one of the models in her Pulchritude (finally, learning to spell that name without looking it up!) Lookbook. I said ‘yes’ because it was Mili asking and also because I am generally a ‘yes girl’ (saying ‘no’ to your friends sucks). Plus I had nothing to do and I really wanted to be one of the first people to get a sneak preview at all the summer stock she’ll be carrying from her designers.

The shoot was alot of fun because of the other girlies who were there. I love being around girls who love clothes as much as I do.

Suitcases of shoes and accessories to make the items our own
Dresses: All Doreen Southwood
How cute is Eve in this Doreen Southwood number?

Then yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with one of my bff’s Vie for Glamour Magazine! The entire place was filled with girls gushing over all the clothes , shoes and accessories and it was really nice to work with the team from Glamour because they’re just amazing. Mel is literally one of my favourite people in the world, because she’s so genuine and fantastic, and Glamour’s fashion editor, Bronwyn Day (who I met for the first time yesterday) is amazing and gorgeous and a mom and like superwoman.
Vie getting her hair did!
I loved my Fifties housewives look and I have decided that I’m going to just embrace my inner “Charlotte” because in all honesty the styling was completely me.
Steve Tanchel and Bronwyn making image selections! Did I mention that Steve Tanchel was the photographer? This was very exciting for me because he was the first South African fashion photographer to really matter to me
  • theblagg
    Posted at 13:45h, 21 October Reply

    DOPE! Can't wait to check the pics out. PS: Your smile is perfect.

  • Thithi
    Posted at 14:42h, 22 October Reply

    thank you 😉 the issue will be great… cos the rest of the girls in the shoot looked amazing! xx

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:38h, 25 October Reply

    i think you really beautiful with that smile you have.
    great blog

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