weekends spent shopping

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It seems that all I do and all I blog about is shopping. I am starting to think that I might have a problem that I need to address. I do, however have to say in the same breath that I am a total bargain shopper and when I buy something it is hardly ever a spontaneous purchase and I more so than often actually need the thing that I’m buying. Oh my word, I sound like I’m trying to justify my nasty addiction…

The thing is I don’t consider excursions to shopping events like ‘Stuff That’s Nice’ in the same category as regular shopping trips to a mall or a store. These targeted events bring out a certain kind of shopper and I always find myself networking or meeting new shopping buddies at these kinds of events.

stuff 3
stuff 2
As promised there was champagne and yummy goodies to indulge in as you shopped!
stuff 1
stuff 3
stuff 6
This is what I bought and I needed all of the above.
I needed a woven belt and earrings
– because all my earrings are lonely singles at the moment.
I didn’t really need the bag, but a girl can never have enough sling bags
and the scarf was actually just an investment…
stuff 7

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