who loves missibaba bags? me!

I love Missibaba bags! So much so, that my gorgeous yellow “baby bow” sling bag is starting to look like it has been passed down from generation to generation.
I love that they are locally made and that the design aesthetic is unique, beautiful, experimental and recognizable. Once you have seen a Missibaba bag, you remember what it looks like; the name sticks in your head and rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

For this reason and because I actually can’t imagine my shoulder unadorned with these bags, I have decided that I deserve a little bit of spring time retail therapy… and because I am in a total body transition (my body is getting ready for summer) an accessory will do just fine thank you.

Whilst doing my regular morning internet surfing session: where I open up millions of tabs and look at fashion blogs, online shopping websites and daydream in the morning about my new wardrobe, I came across Missibaba’s new Spring Summer 2010 collection and in particular the saddle bag (below)!

I’m not a cowboy kinda girl, but when I saw the nude satchel with brown piping and leather strap detail finished off with the blue leather ornamentation I have decided that I could definitely “yee-ha” for this bag! (That was lame and cheesy … and I know it… so ssshhh!)
I love this bag, because it’s a sling bag and it reminds me of an old Hollywood western, smoky saloons and blowing tumbleweeds…
You won’t catch me dead in a pair of cowboy boots, but I feel like this bag could be the start of a new look for summer…

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  • theblagg
    Posted at 13:47h, 20 October Reply

    You could totally rock that bag and some cowboy boots (yes!), just as long as we don't catch you saying that thing you've shooshed us about 🙂
    Missibaba is a cute name. Where can we find teh bags?

  • Thithi
    Posted at 22:44h, 20 October Reply

    Hey! Not sure how much these bags retail for… Some Missibaba bags are sold on Africhic.com, but the best place to go to is the website:
    And the number for the workshop:
    +27 21 461 1083 or email – ann@missibaba.com
    You know that yellow bag I have all the time? That is my beautiful missibaba bag… Me thinks it needs a missibaba friend! xx

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