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The internet is an evil evil place that can lure you into spending hours of your day looking at pretty pictures and reading very cool blogs or stumbling across interestingly cool magazines like “Bullet Magazine.” This find, however wasn’t one of those discovered via an organic click to the next page, click on this link to see more type journeys, but rather recommended via facebook by coolness Sanche Frolich.

From what I understand, Bullet Magazine’s is a fashion forward, content forward magazine that people can access via digital, print, mobile etc and soon the so-called amazing i-Pad. They use the term “transmedia” which I love as a word… The magazine is run by some obviously very cool 20-somethings who just seem to feature cool sh*t and cool people. Check out the magazine online the print version is apparently hitting the newsstands in November.

Look at this amazingly cool contents page… I love multi-media exectutions

Cindy Crawford graces the maagzine’s cover and has and editorial in the magazine. Will this woman ever age? Look how amazing she looks! It’s unnatural

Any magazine that does this to little Abigail Breslin is cool as hell

I’m a huge Elizabeth Banks fan she is hilarious and I love girls who can be funny. 

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