i just had to share how happy i am!

Okay, so I did announce it, but in case you missed it, I have been given the honour and wonderful pressure filled job of working as the fashion editor for The Dossier Collective (like us on facebook!)
I can’t really describe what it is I am going through in terms of emotions. I am nervous and excited. I feel pressured and like somehow a mistake was made, but I feel like I was meant for this.
My days are now spent looking through magazines and blogs for a reason and purpose, other than to make me feel some sort of satisfaction and glee.

It has been a while since I have felt this excited about something. I mean don’t get me wrong… I love doing graphic design work- but only for cool clients who like my stuff…Hehe. And I love doing fashion pr and talking to the media, because I do understand what they want because I have worked in the media, plus there is this feeling I can’t describe when you get a client coverage and they say “thank you” that I am sort of addicted to. I enjoy working as a producer, because I have a producer’s mind and logic so to speak. I can’t help it, but getting sh*t done and making sure that other people get sh*t done is in my nature.
However, there is nothing in this world that gets me out of bed faster than a fashion shoot, whether it be stills of main fashion editorial. I am in love with taping shoes, steaming clothes, hanging all the garments on the rail and giving the rail a once over. Staying up late, mulling over whether the suede shoes really do work and worrying whether I have enough accessories or advertisers clothes in my shoot.

I found these images today that were shot for Naag Magazine. They make me want to source an entire rail of clothing and shoes and accessories asap, get a model on board and style amazing beautiful editorial.

Shot by Anna Palma and styled by Lauren Austin Wood…
Shot by Anna Palma and styled by Lauren Austin Wood


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