Press releases and snippets of information like this bring such joy to my heart!
I saw that Andrew the coolest guy ever from WE-ARE-AWESOME had posted this link on facebook and he shot the images! And then… I got a pressy press release from Carey Townsend about Spence.
First, let’s start with the fact that I love the way that the website looks, (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m really a minimalist and gentle sensibility kinda girl…)
Then we have to progress with the fact that Spence is home to one of my favourite South African designers Christopher Strong and my favourite accessories and just gorgeous things brand Missibaba.


But wait Thithi! You haven’t told us what Spence is you exclaim! That is correct and I am sorry, I was just very excited at how amazing this online shopping platform is. Created by Diana Spicer, this online fashion store showcases the best local and international design talent and offers both womenswear and menswear.

Currently, the platform is home to Christopher Strong (Whoop! Whoop!), Missibaba (another Whoop!), Selfi (give me a dress!) Adrian Kuiters (Oh I wish my boyfriend dressed like this), Margot Moyneux (what am I going to do without those scallop shorts?), Steffany Roup (an anchor necklace for my neck please) and Take Care (I would love a sheer vest for summer if you will).

Okay, enough blogging for the day… I need to work so I can buy. There is nothing on this website that I wouldn’t wear. I am in love.

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