I love South Africa, but sometimes I wish for the purposes of my shopping habit and love of all things beautiful, different, creative and just the sh*t, that I lived in Europe or somewhere in Asia…

My inbox got a lovely email from the people at young&restless – a collaborative line designed mainly by Ashburn Eng for Singaporean label max.tan. I have no idea, how or why they sent me an email, but the contents were lovely and made me feel like I need to get on a plane and go shopping!

Questions you might have to ask regarding this post…

Who is Max Tan?

Max.Tan is a Singaporean fashion label with an androgynous and avant-garde aesthetic. The work of Max.Tan is sober, simplistic, but with a twist and altered proportions to create garments with interesting silhouettes and geometry. All the things I like…

Who is Ashburn Eng?

Ashburn Eng is a fashion stylist and creative director of Test Shoot Gallery. Ashburn Eng’s works received due recognition when he was the recipient of the two top prizes at the Iconique Societás Awards in 2009 for Best Fashion Stylist and Overall Winner.

How beautiful is the Autumn / Winter Ritual collection? It’s dark, yet so beautiful at the same time… I mean just look at the campaign images above… I love it.

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