sneaker fetish

I love shoes, because they never really disappoint by not zipping or buttoning up. Shoes never tell you that you’ve gained weight after the holidays. They’re like dogs, which is why I love all shoes, sneakers included. My favourite sneakers are Air Max’s because I like to look at my ankles. Although I am having a very intense love affair with my royal blue Blazers.
The internet can be a very cruel place. I have literally spent 3 hours surfing the net and losing myself in other people’s blogs, clicking on links and further losing myself in those sites. Whilst looking through one of my new favourite blogs Big eyes, Little Soles I saw a preview post on some of what NSW is doing for spring 2011. I fell in love immediately and my mission now is to get my hands on the Nike Air Max 1 ND yellow. All I can do now is pray that they drop in South Africa. That’s all I can do now – pray.

Images from sneakernews
  • Yani
    Posted at 18:50h, 28 December Reply

    Glad you like our blog!!
    Thanks for the post!
    Big Love,
    Big Eyes

  • Siki
    Posted at 21:48h, 01 January Reply

    Cool Snaeks.
    I mos Def want a pair when they land in S.A.
    I always fear to rock sneaks because my mom always said they are not lady-like but i think i will gather the balls to rock them. My white pair of high-top All Stars are a start.
    Sneaker fetish indeed.

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