why fashion?

I love sheer delicate blouses with floral cut-outs on me and white crochet jumpsuits on my friend Vie. I love floral patterned fishnets worn with dark floral mini-skirts, white vests and oversized cardigans on my sister Lumka, shoulder pads and headwraps on my sister Zarina and tapered pants worn with heels on my friend Nicole.
I love coming home after buying those amazing nude heels from Aldo I’ve been lusting after, putting them on and dancing in front of the mirror. I love playing with the Photo Booth application on my laptop and taking snapshots of myself pouting with my M.A.C Rebel lip colour on and reminiscing on the journey I went through to find it after seeing Rihanna wearing a similar colour.
I love thrift store treasure hunts for the perfect leather sling bag and belt buckles that would give modern day statement belts a run for their money. I love my shoes lined up against my bedroom wall because there isn’t enough space in my wardrobe.
I love lying on my stomach surrounded by magazines, before my friends come over to get dressed for a night out, whilst deciding if I want to be Blair or Serena, Carrie or Samantha or Juliet Draper or Mia Mason for the night.
I love walking into a party wearing an oversized batwing blouse from Animale, a black leather skirt, back seam stockings and grey platform heels. I love seeing someone wearing something phenomenal and knowing that only they could have pulled it off, taking a photo of them, and thinking about what I’m going to write underneath their photo when I upload the blog post.
I love post mortems on a night out. Painful feet. Fashion moments. Clothes piled on my bed when I get home. I love getting dressed.
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