sneaker fetish

Anyone wanna buy these for me?
After I discovered those amazing Nike Air Max 1’s in canary yellow with their amazing royal blue soles, I became a woman on a mission. I harassed the Gallery on 4th boys via all social networking portals and after a day or two I got the bad news… my dream sneakers weren’t part of the drop that made it to South Africa. My heartache was literally like 15 seconds long, because I already had hearts in my eyes for these lovely Air Revolution Air Max 1’s, in a colourway that I can only describe as delicious. I have a penchant for anything that is or feels vintage, retro or old school. I love the 70s and I could totally be wrong, but something about these sneakers makes me feel like I could have walked onto the set of That 70s Show and totally been in costume. 
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