woolworths x smashbox x burlesque

I love musicals, which is why I was really excited, when I received an invitation from Woolworths and Smashbox to see the gorgeously sexy musical Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

A fun movie with great make up and gorgeous costumes, Burlesque is a totally modern take on Burlesque, so don’t expect to see something or anything in the line of Dita von Teese. In fact at times I felt as if I was watching something based on the actual Pussy Cat Dolls (not the band) and Jenny Andrew’s described it perfectly in her tweet after watching the movie by likening the movie to Coyote Ugly, but with better costumes. And how much fun was Coyote Ugly? Didn’t we all sing that song by Leann Rhimes and want to dance on bar counters?

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