Voila! profile on the stylishly amazing Yasmin Furmie

The most inspiring thing about working in magazines or television, or even radio actually is that you get to meet some very cool and inspiring people along the way. From the famous, to the regular civilians, even those just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, the interaction you have with them always leaves you with some story for you to walk away with and share with people.

In the February issue of Voila! I was given the opportunity to do a piece on Yasmin Furmie. An exceptionally stylish and amazing woman who has become somewhat of a friend to me. Besides meeting Yasmin and her heartbreaking studded Christian Louboutin black and white brogues, I got to write, which I have not done in ages.
Not many people know this about me, but I used to write all the time. In fact I think this is something I had forgotten about myself, until I opened a box of old stuff from high school and found my articles I used to write for the school newspaper, and my little poem published in a student annual. It’s funny the pieces of you that disappear as you get older.

There is something reminiscent of a New York City Park Avenue apartment about Yasmin Furmie’s perfectly polished parquet wooden floored home. In fact, her home with its large pieces of fine-looking furniture makes you feel as if the building should have a picturesque foyer and a bellboy on the ground level.

“I have always loved clothes,” Yasmin says as she relays a story about her first fashion moment whilst making coffee in her kitchen.
She was just thirteen years old and the object of her affection was a pair of imported camel boots from ABC that were too high and way too expensive for a thirteen year old.

A former social worker, this wife and mother of two still falls in love with and dreams about the things she wants. Except now the dreams are of Rodarte heels to add to her already impressive collection of handsome brogues, mouth-watering statement heels and high top sneakers.

Yasmin’s penchant for high tops is just one of those things that add to her casual glamour. When she lets Voila! into her home to get a glimpse of her phenomenal wardrobe, she is dressed in a black shirt dress from Australian designer Willow, black and white print leggings from Sass and Bide, a large gold and leather cuff from Moschino with a pair of gold and black high tops.
We find her iPad next to a bowl of perfect cherries, on the large table in their lovely family room perched on a stack of the most recent issues of Vogue, Tatler and Harper’s Bazaar with the Huffington Post mid perusal on the screen. Her iPad is also where she looks at the myriad of fashion blogs like ‘Where’s U Get That’ and Garance Dore and downloads the most recent issues of the international fashion publications, before buying them when they land on our shores.

Not one to prescribe to trends, she fancies designers like the innovative and edgy Balenciaga, Rodarte and Marni. Even her selection of fragrances have a bespoke quality to them with one of her favourites being a specially mixed fragrance from Labdanum 18, which she purchased in Australia and named ‘Memories of Sydney.’

From her black leather Prada bag with gold hardware and one of her favourites, a black studded clutch from Croton, to her black and white studded brogues from Christian Louboutin, everything in Yasmin’s wardrobe is bold and ‘substantial’ – a word that she uses to describe her style. When asked if she owns anything that she would absolutely never get rid of, instead of her Lanvin dress or her delicious Jimmy Choo ankle boots, she mentions her jeans. Looking like Ralph Lauren in denim, the clearest memory she has of her father is of him always wearing Levi’s and a pair of Fry’s boots.
– by Thithi Nteta


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