fashion friday’s

Friday was a very exciting day with the launch of Fashion Friday’s brought to you by Twenty Two at 70 Juta. If you missed this first one, make sure not to miss these events which will be happening every month, because there really is no better way to spend a Friday evening than shopping, eating and drinking.
This time around the event, which aims to promote South African designers, showcased clothing from guest designers Eponymous (leather genius), Guillotine, The Summit, Falata and Rubicon.
Love the concept and can’t wait till the next one!

I love these shoes… It breaks my heart  that they are not my size

The adorable Zama from Twenty Two wearing a SA head to shorts

The girl looking at the crimson skirt had the most amazing ankle lace up boots I ever did see. They were all worn in and looked super comfy, which she confirmed they were. She bought them in Soho, which made me want them more. I know it was all about South African fashion, but good shoes, really good ones often come from across the ocean. Hence my obsession with online shopping. Somebody stop me!

The lovely Khensani and Chipo, who was wearing vintage Selfi

Love Maque De Gorgeous because he loves shoes as much as I do… Look at his blog

Wonderfully crafted belts from men’s accessories designer ‘ The Summit’

The lovely Bee… looking chic (I never use that word), but she looked like money
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