things you forget to blog because they are brought to you by blackberry

No… I don’t have some deal with Blackberry, but there are times when I am very happy and grateful to have the thing with me, because I don’t have my camera on me. The photos aren’t amazing, but when you wanna capture the moment it does what it needs to…
These pictures are from The SuperMarket held in Parkhurst last week Saturday. There is literally so much going on in a Johannesburg weekend, there is no excuse to stay at home and watch Gossip Girl or Grey’s Anatomy back to back on your laptop anymore.
All I remember from this day is that: my favourite shoes from Twenty Two got sold and I ate the most amazing white chocolate brownies aka “blondies” from one of the stalls.
The SuperMarket is every Saturday in Parkhurst… and if the girls selling cocktails are there again, you’ll be guaranteed a good time. Promise

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