Fashion Fridays: Menswear Edition

Following the success of the launch of the monthly ‘Fashion Fridays’ last month Twenty Two is planning another wonderful evening of music, drinks, food and most importantly local South African designer fashion for another fun-filled night shopping experience.
Guest fashion designers from across the country are invited to exhibit at Twenty Two as part of a night shopping experience all in the name of supporting, loving and buying local fashion. This time they are doing something for the boys and have invited some of the most exciting local menswear brands and designers to exhibit such as Simon Deporres, Babatunde, Adriaan Kuiters, Sylvester Fallata as well as a whole range of t-shirts from Bam Bam such as Mingo Lamberti, 2Bop and Marchand.
Fashion Fridays usually takes place once a month on the first Friday of the month but this month Twenty Two have decided to have it on the Friday 8th April in line with the start of SA Fashion week which will also be taking place in Braamfontein at the Shine Studios just a few streets away.
This event is open to everyone who loves and is keen to support local fashion – just don’t forget to wear at least one locally produced or manufactured item.

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