fashion meets architecture

This past week I went to the opening of an exhibition at Arts On Main called Fashion Meets Architecture. Wearing an outfit inspired by Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez circa ‘Jenny From The Block’ I arrived after what seemed like a prize giving session to a room filled with great looking folk and an exhibition I didn’t quite get.
Feeling a bit daft that I didn’t get it, I kept walking around the room to see if I had missed something. My sister kept telling me to just ask someone, but I kept recalling that scene in Closer when Clive Owen’s character Larry says to Natalie Portman’s character Alice “I know its vulgar to discuss the work at the opening of the work,” and we all know that openings are generally for drinking and mingling.
Unable to take it anymore, because it was killing me as someone who studied art history that I couldn’t get it, I asked around and it seemed that other people there also didn’t get it. The biggest question was “where is this architecture component that is meant to be meeting the fashion?” We could all see the fashion – beautiful gowns by Abigail Betz, pieces from Black Coffee’s SAFW collection and a host of other designers all displayed beautifully, but there was nothing that read “Fashion Meets Architecture.” Just because we’re in a building isn’t a strong enough conceptual leg to stand on in my opinion.
Anyways, I could be wrong, but I am pretty certain none of the pieces the fashion designers showed were specially commissioned for the exhibition so one can only wonder what the actual premise and concept was for this exhibition. I wish I had some time to get some answers and investigate further, but I don’t think that an exhibition, be it art, design, architecture should baffle and confuse.
Oh well… those are just my thoughts…
Love and Paddle Pops


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