kiwi smiling feet

So this past weekend I debuted my Dixie Boots from Plum Shoes as well as test drove these new amazing gel cushions from Kiwi’s Smiling Feet, which are just amazing and super reasonably priced. As a firm believer and fan of gel cushions, because I have really narrow feet and a slightly flat foot, the Kiwi’s Smiling Feet range (yes I said range!) is just pure heaven in my opinion because of the fact that it has a total of 7 types of gel cushions.
I have always used gel cushions, so I thought I knew it all when it came to making sure that when I’m out my feet don’t hurt so much it feels like someone is holding a lighter underneath them, but I clearly not. I honestly believed that there was only one type or style of gel cushion you could buy.
So when I discovered that the Kiwi range has 7 types of gel cushions each designed to provide relief and comfort to the different regions of the shoe that cause discomfort I got really excited. 
My absolute favorite because they are literally what I have been looking for my entire life; are the heel liners and the mini cushions. But seriously at 25 bucks a packet you can just got the whole range, from Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers stores, like I did. Its an investment people! 
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