I’m going to try to not be a groupie… ashtie koKla at STR.CRD

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STR.CRD is back again. I blogged about it on Pink Lyte, worked on the project last year, did some PR for it and got to meet Bobbito Garcia.
This year, STR.CRD has upped the ante (I hate that phrase… but I honestly couldn’t think of another way to describe the fact that they’ve basically stepped it up). They are bringing through some amazing guests this year. From the one who knows; Levi Maestro, to DJ and producer Masta Lee as well as my idol and the chick I won’t be able to help showing groupie love to Vashtie Kola, this years STR.CRD is going to be one of those “Oh, you missed STR.CRD? I’m so sorry. Your life must suck!”
I’ll tell you why I love Vashtie…Firstly, she dated Pharrel Williams: my prototype man. Secondly she has her own Air Jordan II’s and thirdly she’s super pretty. But the real and most important reason why I have a girl crush on ‘Downtown’s Sweetheart’ is because she makes me feel okay with having a multi-disciplinary based career because she’s basically done it all – worked as a director, produced parties, collaborated on a sneaker design and launched a signature brand Violette.
I have never thought of myself as someone who could be labelled as this or that, which is why it annoys me when people refer to me as a fashionista. Besides the fact that I hate that word and as much as I love clothes, styling, and fashion if you will, I don’t spend massive amounts of time thinking about or considering how the outside world sees me when it comes to ‘being fashionable.’
And I think Vashtie isn’t bothered by labels either, but I can’t be sure, so I’ll just ask her at the STR.CRD sessions. To me, she does whatever she wants to do. Is a true creative and collaborator and does it all in sneakers, heels, and great clothes. Girl crush.
Image via http://www.refinery29.com
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