summer dreams in winter… number 1: oakley caveat sunglasses

Once upon a time I used to love winter. From coats, scarfs, opaque stockings, to leather boots, woolen jerseys and gloves, winter just always felt more lady like and grown up to me. However, somewhere in between freezing at the Africa Day Concert, struggling with a broken heater and having my feet become blocks of ice at the opening of 54 on 6th, I gave up on my love for winter. All I seem to think about now is summer… summer dresses, warm rays of sun on my skin, denim cut offs, white vests and sunglasses.
Which is why I’m compiling a list of my summer covets. Summer in my opinion will not be complete without these items and if you see a dodgy looking picture in this feature, know that I did a sneaky photography stunt in a store and needed to desperately avoid security. Enjoy.. xx

1. Oakley Caveat Sunglasses:
The iconic aviator silhouette gets a fresh Oakley-style update in Caveat™. Up front, these ultra lightweight C5™ sunglasses are classically cool. Turn sideways and the sleek temple with modern cutout is ready to rock the runway.

Rose gold coloured Oakley Caveat™.
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