secret diary of a call girl

Whilst everyone spent the entire weekend having fun, I warded off my FOMO, by watching one of my favourite series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Four seasons later accompanied with some whiskey sours and popcorn, I actually managed to forget that I’d missed out on seeing Coldplay live, and that I didn’t take up the offer to fly down to Cape Town for Rocking The Daisies and that I had given up my spot to experience the Macufe Festival in Bloemfontein.
This show is really brilliant. I love watching Billie Piper, who I first remember as a pop princess, play this awesome character Hannah / Belle, who I in someways, ways I don’t really want to think about identify with. Get your mind out of the gutter dammit!
As I recapped on season 2, and moved into 3 and 4, I noticed that the styling of the show became more ‘fashion’ as Guiliana would say on Fashion Police. Hannah / Belle started to look and feel more like a Carrie Bradshaw in London. And like Carrie Bradshaw, sometimes the looks felt contrived and were quite painful to watch like the look she wore in the New York episode, but most of the looks are just downright sexy and for lack of a better word bangable. If you haven’t watched this series yet you need to. I feel like you’ll love it.

that awful NY outfit. Just too friggin much going on here

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