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Q: Do you own anything you can’t get rid of?
A: Do I own anything I absolutely can’t get rid of of? i.e. even though it doesn’t fit me anymore or something? Hehe! If you ask my mom she’ll tell you I’m a hoarder mostly because I feel like if I get rid of stuff then I’ve wasted money, so I try not to buy one season wonders i.e. most of my stuff I would never want to get rid of, but if I were to get specific I’d say stuff like passed down family jewellery, or amazing second hand pieces which I’ve found.
Q: Where is my favourite place to be?
A: Eish that depends a lot on the mood I’m in, but the first answer which pops into my head is in Jozi city and fluctuates to Swaziland because it’s calm and green and lush… So sometimes when things just get too busy and too much I like to leave Jozi and retreat out, and then come back and fully appreciate my city.
Q: What was the last thing I bought?
A: Besides food because it’s my favourite thing I recently found some awesome pieces at Maria’s vintage stall at the Night Market on Main and a cool Adidas Joburg hoodie at STR.CRD.

Q: How do your clothes and your style connect to your lifestyle? 
A: My lifestyle – like my style – is a bit schizophrenic and chameleon like and I think it’s all based on living in Jozi where every day of the week you can move in so many different circles. In my professional capacity I have to wear a specific set of clothes – a uniform, so it’s a matter of staying within the bounds of what is required and appropriate and professional, but also not forgetting that you can still be stylish and unique without having to look like a penguin. I guess also that my underlying or defining style principle is that style has nothing to do with price – it’s art for me – I like trends but I like finding individual pieces which reflect that, and so i guess I just like being able to flow between the social circles that I run in. make sense?
Q: Websites you visit the most?
A: I get a lot of different feeds coming into my tumblr dashboard, but I like checking in on things like:
and obviously http://www.teeteeiswithme.com/ 🙂 (not just saying that btw)
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