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Emkay is one of my best friends in the whole wide world. We went to the same high school. She’s brilliantly awesome and I love her loads and loads. I love her style and love that she’ s a music geek. She’s one of my best friends and I really think you guys will love her too.



Q: How do your clothes and style connect to your lifestyle?

A: Well believe it or not I have quite a simple life. I don’t really go partying or clubbing etc and I guess I’m at that age where most of my life is spent working (bleh!). I work in advertising so can get away with pretty much anything, but I do like to look decent and well groomed so I take great care in planning my outfits on the daily. I love to wear pretty dresses, but lately my favourite thing to wear is my raw denim super skinny’s rolled up at the bottom with a crisp white shirt (top buttoned up) and my super femme vintage brooch which was a gift from Tiisetso. So to answer your question my style has  evolved to be quite simple, feminine, balanced, but still with slight edge, and lots of playfulness. I guess my style connects with my lifestyle because my lifestyle is also just that, its uncomplicated.

 Q. What would you add to your wardrobe if you could anything?
A: As you know I don’t really wear heels, I find them atrociously uncomfortable and severely painful. Not to mention the after effects (euww!). But I will say this past year has had me changing my mind and lusting after these….
 and these…

Q: Where’s your favourite place to be?

A: My favourite place to be is probably with my family. I don’t get to spend enough time with them living away from home, but I keep in constant touch with all of them. There’s just a certain comfort that comes with being with family that really is unrivalled. That being said my friends are also part of my family so being with them warms my heart too!

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Wow, this is actually a hard question. Being the control freak I am, I’m inclined to say ‘when things go my way’. But ok what really makes me happy (besides my family and loved ones) is succeeding at achieving my goals. I’m quite ambitious and driven, I set goals for myself as I go along, some big, some small and the feeling you get when you can tick something off the list, that pride in yourself is priceless. So what makes me happy I guess is when my dreams come to fruition. On a daily level as well as in the bigger scheme of things. This doesn’t necessarily relate to just career by the way, just generally in life I think its important to be able to look ahead and to measure where you are as you go along and to celebrate the milestones.
The real real real thing that makes me happy is music. It’s why I love dj’ing. As you know I’m a big music head and honestly there’s a wide variety of emotion that I derive from listening to (and playing) music – all of them combined is absolute happiness.

Q: And lastly how do you feel about being on of my best friends? (yes this is a serious question)A: I feel incredibly blessed my friend. Very few people in the entire world understand and get me like you do and that means so much to me. I appreciate the fact that I can go for weeks (ok I lie a week) without talking to you, but when we do catch up it always feels like home. I love your honesty and your dramatics. Seriously Thithi what would I do without your ‘OMG!!’ moments? Most importantly you’ve always had my back and you’re one of the most loyal people I know. And how could I resist that smile… ( Oh and we totally need to go to Europe again before we get too old and have kids and are actually responsible for other human beings). All in all I’m happy to have you in my life and I will do everything I can to keep it that way.

Check out one of my best friends in the world’s Tumblr and her words and contributions on Doepelganger and follow her on Twitter of course.

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    This is lovely. i love this feature of yours (:

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    I absolutely love the post…exciting to read through your work, as always…keep on keeping on Tee-Tee!! 🙂

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