mf doom at red bull music academy

Look I know I am pretty lucky. My job is fun, I actually do love Red Bull the actual drink, and besides the fact that all I want to do is go on holiday, I am really blessed. However, I do need to say FML – that is F*ck My Life – because I missed MF DOOM at RBMA in Madrid. Anyone who knows me knows I love DOOM, so when people were tweeting and sending me pictures from his lecture and his performance, I was just pissed off. Happy for them, but pissed off. There is nothing worse than AMO (Actually Missing Out). I mean I thought that FOMO was bad, but AMO is the absolute worst. I’m very emotional about this. Emotional and gutted. I mean it was enough that my friend Alex Nash aka Nashmoney got to meet him when he designed the Puma Sneaker Speaker, and get this…wear his mask! That was hard enough to deal with, now this. 
Anyways, if you are a MF DOOM fan you need to watch the video on the RBMA website. Normally I wouldn’t urge anyone strongly to watch anything via vimeo, but this is worth it, DOOM is worth it.
Seriously though… FML as a result of AMO. 

  • OhBeece
    Posted at 17:14h, 03 August Reply

    doom brung mad bung – peace O.B.

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