Published in Marie Claire Nov 2011 – 2000’s Size Zero Phenomenon

I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute a written piece for Marie Claire South Africa’s November 2011 issue on the size zero phenomenon alongside some real writers. As much as I love writing, I would never call myself a writer so I feel incredibly honoured when some of the words I write end up published in a magazine.“Almost every woman I know wants to be thinner and will go to varying lengths to achieve or rather attempt to achieve their objective. Signifying all that is opposite to being overweight, thin has come to embody what it is to be beautiful and desirable. The simple math is that: models = beautiful and if models = thin, that means thin = beautiful. Every woman wants to embody or reflect what it is to be beautiful.

The fascination with being a size zero within a society that warns on increasing obesity rates, is just as unhealthy as being obese. This desire to be thin has many women aspiring to be under their natural body weight and having a warped perspective on what it is to be fat or overweight.

The normal woman’s journey to being skinny is a’ get thin or die trying’ type of journey. In recent years the fashion industry, as well as celebrities like Victoria Beckham nicknamed ‘Skeletal Spice’ and Zoe Saldana with their twig like frames, have been in the firing line when it comes to contributing to women’s body issues and the prevalence of eating disorders.

I will never be a size zero, and the reality is that models have always been thin and most of them, particularly the younger ones, are naturally very slim and healthy. So why is it then that every year my new year’s resolution is to be thinner, and not healthier?”

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