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A while ago, an anonymous reader told me that this blog is not my diary and I really took that to heart and started curating my posts. However, today on Christmas Eve, I would like to just ramble a little. I figure seeing as I had a Twitter meltdown so to speak, where I actually gave an indication to whoever managed to see the tweets, what was unfolding in my life, I can have for atleast one post a year the freedom to get a little bit personal. But only a little.
This year has been rough. From start right through to the finish, this year has seriously kicked my ass. With that being said, and with all the drama unfolding in my life, today I felt whole for the first time this year. It is a strange thing to say in light of the fact that in this week I went through something so terrible and uncool it made me question a lot of things. I learnt that people you think you know can turn out to be strangers to you, and that even you yourself can turn out to be someone you never expected to be. So to feel whole and like me again is a weird and welcomed feeling.
Long story short, yesterday as I was driving from Helen Joseph hospital, in that horrible rain storm I saw a lady walking in the rain. With parts of the road flooded, her shoes and clothes were drenched and she didn’t have an umbrella or anything. I tried to continue driving, but I couldn’t so I stopped and gave her my umbrella. I tried to drive away satisfied with my kind deed for the day (seeking some form of redemption for my behaviour, I think) but I couldn’t. So I offered her a lift to where ever she was going. I trusted in the act of kindness.
Being kind is one of those things I have always prided myself as being. I would never describe myself as sweet or nice, in fact I am a little bit of a bitch, but being kind – that I know I am. I haven’t been kind to myself this year and by default that means that I haven’t been kind to other people.
So, today on Christmas Eve, I am letting go of my generally Grinch-like ways and saying be kind. Even if it is just because it is Christmas on Sunday.
Love and mozzarella cheese
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    Posted at 14:47h, 05 January Reply

    I love you my person. Can't sign in for whatever reason but you know who this is.

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