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Inspiration comes from many places and I am one of those people who is blessed to be inspired everyday by the people in my life. My friend Nomi is one of those inspirations. Funny, lovely and beautiful, Nomi Matlala follows her dreams, makes you feel loved, cooks one mean meal and most of all, she lives life like there is no tomorrow. Do yourself a favour by following her on Twitter  and reading her blog, you won’t regret it.


Q: How do your clothes and style connect to your lifestyle?
A: My life is pretty diverse at the moment. I’m between Visa (events), Nom Nom Nomi (blogging and cooking), Siemens, Bosch and Gagganeau (ambassador) and being a aunty to my little Amani. I try keep it simple/ solid/ chic with a hint of print because my curves tend to tell their own story *hand in front of eyes* and flats only when I have to!!
Q: What would you add to your wardrobe if you could anything?
A: I’m really bad at shopping for clothing and shoes. I would add 7 solid DVF dresses. You can dress them up and down for summer and winter. And maybe 6 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of sandals… I guess…
Q: Who or what inspires you?
A: I’m constantly subconsciously reacting to what I see. Like the lady that dresses really badly in the office inspires me to dress with purpose when I go to work. Kids inspire me to make sure that I follow through in my plan to make sure all schools have canteens. My friends inspire me to be cool and friendly because they are all so damn Kool and social!! Bad and good service inspires me to give the best service as a daughter, friend, lovebug, colleague, chef, writer, customer and fellow human.
Q: What makes you happy?
A: Tastegasims, breaking bread with family and friends, sun on my skin, driving, doodling, falling in love, live music, quiet Sundays with a little bit of Beuno Vista Social Club in the background, reading www.teeteeiswithme.com, discovering that you are grown up enough to like a certain ingredient, kissing, water – drinking it from the tap, swimming, when it rains… and most of all, falling asleep!
Q: What made you decide to go to culinary school in the South of France?
A: I needed to fulfill a passion that was looming over my head. I figured if I was going to learn how to cook and take some time off doing it, why not in the South of France with a beach and the opportunity to learn a new language at the same time! Il était un bone idée!
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