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There is no one I know who likes to, wait…correction, loves to laugh at people as much as I do. In fact I think Tibz might love to laugh at other people more than I do. Actually I am pretty certain of that, because he’s laughed at me a couple a couple of times. His current bio on Twitter reads “events, music, retail… I play hard.” Follow him on Twitter, read his blog  and don’t do something stoopid in front of him because he will laugh at you. Lol!

Q: How do your clothes and style connect to your lifestyle? In my business, image is everything… Not necessarily your labels but definitely how you put items together. These days being known for dressing well can open a lot of doors for you.

Q: What would you add to your wardrobe if you could anything?More time-pieces… I’m in love with them but alas my bank balance can’t always support my fetish.

Q: What’s your sartorial guilty pleasure? Sartorial is such a complex word, but shoes… I have a ridiculous amount of them… Especially for a dude. Truth is I feel absolutely no guilt…

Q: What makes you happy? Dining with the people I love… That’s when we connect… Connection makes me happy. A job makes me happy and watching the talent I manage come into their own brings me joy.
Q: Why do you like shopping? I love fabric. I view an outfit as a composition… I love composing a great wardrobe for varying moments in life… Shopping is something I also do alone… Time alone is key. Shopping feeds my creativity.

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