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This images are f*cking beautiful – girls with tattoos and shoes how could I not – and so is what Lasskaa does. I came across this image via Solestruck and couldn’t help but google this brand. Still clicking my way through the blog and the website at the moment, trying to find out more about Lasskaa’s founder and creator Georgina Amanda Solomon, because she posted these words under profile on the website:  “They say no two people view the world in the same way. Perhaps this is why we exert all our energies trying to understand each other. Viewing the world through kaleidoscopic eyes; 
How can I best explain my world to you? 
I channel dreams or my mood of the minute. Visually recreate what I feel inside.  
I spin. Dancing, I am the only one in the room. – Georgina Amanda Solomon. 
Advocate for the inner child.” This has got to be one of the best bio type profile’s I have ever read.
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