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Happy Friday everybody! I’m down in Stellenbosch, doing the Western Cape thing for work and how apt that my #FF shout out this Friday goes to Nicci St Bruce – a Capetonian. You might know her from her own blog CityKidsSting, or as the first and only lady of Bitches Must Know, or as the owner of VAMP Clothing; but I know her as the chick I met at STR.CRD wearing these dope gold NSW kicks and a fellow red wine lover on the search for the biggest glass ever. Follow her on Twitter, and have a look at her style diary on Glamour’s website this week.

Q: Would you wear yellow? Like canary yellow, yellow?

A: I can’t say yellow brings out the best in me because my skin has a more yellow undertone than pink, but I went through a massive yellow phase in 2007. I’m talking yellow heels, yellow hairbands, yellow nails, the works. At the time it was fun but these days I stick to grey,black, white and royal blues mostly. It makes getting dressed quickly easier.

Q: Would you ever move to Johannesburg? If not, why?

A: I would LOVE to live in Joburg! I had the maddest time there in the week leading up to and after STR CRD (where I met you TA DA), and even tried to convince the boyfriend to move there but he was NOT all for it. I’m working on it though, Joburg people are so friendly and genuinely want to get to know you/buy you drinks/show you the best time. I love the pace Jozi runs at. I could get used to it.

Q: What is your favourite city in the world and why?

A: My favourite city in the world is Bangkok, with Berlin coming in a close second. There is something about Bangkok that I can’t describe, but I can’t seem to forget. It’s not the most comfortable city in the world, it’s unbearably hot and humid (I prefer the crisp cold) and the smells are less than pleasing to the olfactory senses but you put that aside when you realize that a) it’s not going to go away and b) you’re in one of the most culturally rich cities in the world.

Q: If you could add anything to your wardrobe what would it be?

A: I hope and dream for a strapless bra that actually stays true to its purpose! I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make my boobs look like balloon animals.

Q: What is your ultimate pet peeve as in when you see it happening you want to punch someone in the neck?

A: My ultimate pet peeve is when people treat animals badly. I go to DARG and see animals that have been abused and neglected and it makes my blood boil. I think people need to be a lot more careful with the decisions they make. A lot of the dogs and cats at DARG were puppies and kittens who grew up after being Christmas gifts and were left on doorsteps or simply dumped at the harbour. My cat, Catty was found in a plastic bag in a bin at the docks 2 years ago after christmas. I can’t believe people can be so insanely cruel.

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