Why you gotta love Religion


“Established in the early 90’s Religion firmly rooted itself to early club culture; when music was chemically inspired and beliefs were publicly expressed on statement tees. Initially developed as a niche t-shirt range, Religion’s blend of anarchic graphics and commercial attributes has pushed the brand to the forefront of the fashion and media spotlight. It’s ‘no fear policy’ of experimenting with design techniques, washes and trends has given the brand its diverse appeal; distressed garments with a rock star edge.

The first time I felt like I could totally dig the Religion aesthetic was when I pulled a pair of high waisted  latexy leather panelled leggings for a shoot I was styling. They totally oozed sex and if they weren’t in a rake thin person’s size I would have totally not returned the sample and kept them for myself. Just joking. I would never do that.
Anyways, my point is that was the first item from Religion that made go “oh f*ck, I think I like this shi*.” Excuse all my french, but that’s exactly what I thought and said to myself. Then I went to the sale and kept loitering around the store at 44 Stanley Avenue and Stuttafords and now  I am lucky enough to own a few epic (word I have decided to use quite a bit this month) pieces of Religion clothing, like an incredible utility men’s jacket, a couple of dresses and grey long sleeve top with a woven front.
So I guess what I have been trying to say all along is: how incredible is the black one shoulder dress with that epic mesh statement shoulder detail from the Autumn 2011 collection, which I think if I heard correctly will be in stores here in SA soon? Gaaaaaa!
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