polka dots sure are endearing

How pretty is this skirt from Adam & Eve at 36 Boutiques? 
I think I’ve shared my paranoia about buying something online and not having it look good on me in a previous post before, so I won’t go into it again, except to say that 36 Boutiques delivery and return policy give a girl like me who’s pretty adamant on only owning things that make her look awesome feel a whole lot better about entering those credit card details. Partnered with their flash sales, which I love because I’m such a shopping adrenaline junkie and the the 36 Boutiques Magazine which I recently spent a good day and half going through; 36 Boutiques is not a bad way to spend some time bonding with the internet and exploring the wonders of online shopping. And with that in mind, it must be declared that this skirt will be mine. That’s all…

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