Kissing Tom Ford

There are a few men in this world that make me completely weak at the knees and Tom Ford is one of them. Besides having an incredibly wonderful face to look at he just seems so terribly interesting that I feel as if I would become a wall flower in his presence and have nothing of value to add to a conversation. I feel like if he said ‘hello’ to me I would be completely without any appropriate response. After all this is the man that turned around Gucci and made and incredible Oscar nominated movie A Single Man on his directorial debut. Who does that? Decide to make a movie? And an Oscar nominated one at that on your first shot.

Anyways, enough gushing about the man Tom Ford.

Tom Ford BeautyThe other day, as I walked out of Stuttafords I decided to do something I had never done before and stop at the Tom Ford concession at the entrance of the store. The only reason why I had never stopped there before is because I always imagined a Pretty Woman scenario occurring there. Me looking like I couldn’t be the type of girl to wear Tom Ford fragrances or buy a Tom Ford lip colour, and the lady behind the concession giving me a look as if to say “what are you doing here darling?”

Well, that didn’t happen. The lady was super friendly and I basically told her my entire life story (because I couldn’t stand the silence) as I looked through all the lip colours, trying to decide at R495.95 which lip colour would become my first Tom Ford purchase. I say at R495.95 because right now the Casablanca Tom Ford lip colour I currently own is a precious investment, not only from a packaging perspective, but from an actual product perspective.

I would never sit here and type out that one lipstick is better than another if I didn’t truly believe it, but let me paint a scenario for you:¬†It’s not winter yet, but the temperature has dropped quite a bit in Gauteng and as a result of this drop in temperature my skin generally becomes incredibly dry. On Saturday when I had finally decided that Casablanca with its slight rose coloured meets nude hue was the colour to go for, I grabbed a mirror after the tester lipstick was cleaned for me, looked into the mirror and saw a pair of embarrassingly dry and ashy lips. After quickly applying the lip colour, I kid you not; instant moisture, instant natural gloss and… get this: lasting moisture.

Seriously worth the price point and definitely one of those products that will make it onto the list of things that a grown up version of Thithi needs to invest in.

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