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Aaaah shoes. The one thing that can make me truly happy is a new pair of shoes, and when winter comes I make all sorts of excuses to invest in various pairs of shoes. Excuses like “a good pair of leather boots is an investment” and “I can’t possibly wear a peep toe in this cold, so I must buy this pair of shoes.” 
Either way, winter, strangely enough… the shortest of our seasons is when I purchase the most pair of shoes, and I reckon this winter will be no different, especially since I am going to New York in July! but also because there are so many good looking shoes out there like the winter 2012 collection of Melissa shoes. Made up of sherbert coloured brights and dusty pastels with cute bow details, one of these fragranced shoe styles will definitely make it into my winter wardrobe and perhaps suitcase to New York?


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