Joinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Whilst hanging out in Williamsburg, Vie and I stumbled across this boutique called Joinery. Owned by Angela Silva, a former blogger who’s passion for fashion, bespoke pieces and unique ideas  decided to open Joinery, a beautiful and detailed boutique stocking an eclectic mix of home goods, women’s clothing and accessories from both international labels, as well as New York designers such as The Hillside, Erin Considine and Obbi Good Label.

Shopping at Joinery was a lovely experience for two reasons: a) you want to be in the space forever because it is comfortable and beautiful, warm, inviting and special. And the second reason is because the clothes are really just amazing, the menswear made me wish I had a boyfriend to shop for and the woolen crocheted shorts I found made me want to literally become anorexic. The home goods had me envisioning my future home and I had visions of myself in the future when I grow up being a Joinery woman. Shopping is truly my weakness…


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