NYC in a flash

Solange tweeted the other day “If you don’t have girlfriends…. I don’t trust you” and I agree with her. I have never laughed as much in my life as I have on this trip and I feel so very blessed that I got to experience this adventure with all the amazing girls who came along for the ride. From the accommodation dramas we had with a last minute Air BnB cancellation to the arguments about whose turn it was to walk to the corner store to buy Coronas, the absolutely amazing moment of running in the rain through Williamsburg to get to the subway station, meeting cute guys in the subway or whilst crossing the street and stopping them to take photos and having lengthy brunches in the LES; experiencing New York City with my girlfriends was how it was meant to be.
Given my obsession with Sex And The City, I feel like the universe made it so… Here is NYC in flash

Marc Jacobs really owned the West Village… See below Book Marc. I mean really…

How can one ride the Subway and not blush with visual highlights like this?

Some of the visual highlights in the subway

  • Sabu
    Posted at 21:07h, 25 July Reply

    props to the visual highlights :)lol!
    lovely post, who took the pics? they are amazing.

  • Thithi Nteta
    Posted at 03:51h, 28 July Reply

    Thank you Sabu! I took the photos. All of them except the one of me. Lol

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