Sunday at Habana Outpost Brooklyn

Sunday at Habana Outpost Brooklyn was brilliant, because we literally had a day of traditional Mexican and Cuban inspired food and drink… can anyone say Frozen Margarita’s back to back at New York’s first solar powered restaurant Café Habana Outpost in Brooklyn. The weather was beautiful, the people are amazing and life was just beyond good.  Located on 757 Fulton St in Fort Greene Brooklyn, Sunday’s are dubbed the best days to go past Habana Outpost because there is a DJ playing and the place is completely filled with people. The menu is made up of mexican favourites like tacos and their very popular grilled corn served with cotija cheese, chilli powder and lime as well as other strange things like the Roscoe On A Stick, which is the fried chicken and waffle on a stick served with maple syrup. I ordered a Mango and Jicama Salad and Chicken Taco… and let me say, I have never had a salad that good ever in my life. The chicken taco was average and lacked some of the flavour I expected to taste from a taco, however I was completely satisfied because it was better than some of the tacos I have had at Mexican restaurants here in South Africa.

Overall the best part about Habana Outpost is the ambience. Nothing gets better than sitting outside – if you arrive early – drinking really strong but delicious frozen margarita’s and enjoying some light and delicious Mexican food in Brooklyn New York, whilst laughing with your friends and listening to a female DJ drop MF DOOM’s “Accordian.”

Habana OutpostHabana OutpostHabana Outpost Habana Outpost

  • Thando
    Posted at 07:57h, 17 July Reply

    Keep them photos coming… I'm enjoying every single one of them.

  • Siki
    Posted at 10:28h, 17 July Reply

    The excitement of these New York posts is rubbing off on me. So inspiring. Must say, with the Pictures, you are depicting the experience quite well and making me dust off my passport and apply for a VISA right now.

    You sure are having such a great time in NYC. Beautiful pictures. Now I understand your love for NY.

  • One Stiletto At A Time
    Posted at 15:04h, 17 July Reply

    Love these posts!

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