Skip Fashion Exchange… Swop till you drop

I don’t know how many times I have said the words “I hate my wardrobe, I have nothing to wear,” knowing without out any reservations that the second part of that rant is a lie. I have clothes and bags and shoes for days, and after completing a 30 day wardrobe challenge I really am not one to moan about not having anything to wear.

And on that note, I am really excited about Skip’s Fashion Exchange events hosted by Destiny Magazine. Inspired by the clothes swapping trend in the US, online clothes swapping where websites offer ‘environmentally friendly and frugal’ alternatives to shopping, Skip’s Fashion Exchange is in three words a ‘swap to shop’ event and concept. For just R120 (the entry into the event) plus 3 items or more of nearly-new high fashion clothing you will get access to an eco -friendly wardrobe update. With stylists and clothing alteration booths on hand to quickly alter your new additions to your wardrobe. As if that wasn’t enough I, you, we, will get to do this whilst sipping on champagne, eating canap├ęs and not only leave with some updates to our wardrobes, but a goodie bag worth R300 too.

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