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Urban MosadiHere’s one good reason I love the Internet – Urban Mosadi. If it wasn’t for the Internet I am pretty sure that Tiisetso and I would have never met. Even though we frequent similar social circles and as small as the world is, we also make it big and the Internet makes it small again. I have been watching Tiisetso slowly unveil her new project and every time she posts something about availability I have dropped her an email right away saying “I want! I want! I want…”

Q: Tell me more about Urban Mosadi and the bespoke customised products you are making?

A: UM Bespoke Kente leather products, is really  me making things that l like and that I would want to buy.

Q: What inspired all of this?

A: My love for Kente and customizing things. I’m big on making things unique to me. Each camera strap I have made is different to the next because the Kente fabric used is a different panel the next. Even though the differences are subtle, they are there. But more importantly, I strongly feel that we need a strong presence of an Authentic Afrikan aesthetic in Street wear and on the blogs. I want to make Afrika “cool” to the rest of the world, and making well designed products is a decent start.
(I love this answer!!)
Q: What is the bigger vision? What is the plan regarding retailing etc ? I am only asking because I think your stuff is amazing and well made and relevant and special.
A: Wow, thanks T, I appreciate that. I have all these grand ideas swirling in my head with regards to a bigger vision. I am planning a trip to Ghana later this year to get to the source of this beautifully intricate and authentic Afrikan fabric. I am interested in learning more about the fabric and it’s royal history. Hopefully I can establish a direct source for the fabric, which will help my business. I would love to sell at markets, trade shows and have an official online store in future.
Q: From one girl to another girl… what are the challenges you have faced getting to this point?
A: The challenges have been the scarcity of the actual Kente fabric itself. But this has turned out to be a good thing for the UM brand, as it created limited edition pieces which brings more value to my
Q: And finally from one Scorpio to another Scorpio… How amazing are we? 
A: Guuuuurl!!! (:
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