sunglass hut’s #innercircle lunch

Yesterday afternoon Sunglass Hut hosted a lunch at Bliss in 44 Stanley Avenue, to officially let everyone in on the Inner Circle – your source of style from around the globe. Intimate and fun, the lunch basically gave some fashionable media and bloggers the rundown of what the Inner Circle is all about, where its going and why it’s so important to be part of the Inner Circle… which I think if you’ve gone on the site you pretty much know already. Happy surfing xx

I love what Milli and Vie are doing in the blouse and legging and jeans section

Sat with the lovely and so adorable Tayla Goldberg of Shades Of Gold 

Aspasia Karras – Stylish editors! That’s what’s up!

Two faces I love – Toolz and Cheska from Grazia

Cameron van der Burgh

I heart this lady folks… Miss Wedaad you need to come to JHB more often or me to CPT!

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