As this week wraps up, I find myself missing all the faces I spent time with at STR.CRD 2012. From the incredibly dope and lovely Mayra from Eve Without Adam, who’s energy is pretty amazing to be around to her boys from Bread and Butter Joey and Lee, to Mutta Shoe’s Matheus and the really fun and smart Jesse Boykins III, the crew from BMK who are just the best people to party with and the STR.CRD crew themselves Streetboss, Negiste and Hardy, the couple of hours I got to spend with all the incredibly creative and thoughtful people I met – both international and local – gave me so much more confidence in my decision to leave my current 9-5. As cool a gig, as some people think it is, it is really time for me to venture out on my own. Sitting at a dinner table with Wendy Lam of Nitrolicious, Yu Ming of Freshnessmag, Edson from Patta, Masta Lee and all the other good folk who made up the international travel party of creatively inclined entrepreneurs I had first hand proof that it is possible to just do you, which is what the next phase of my life is all about from now on.

– @teeteenteta

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