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Next week Saturday on the 20 October, MTV Base will announce the winner of their 2012 MTV Base VJ Search. Whilst I would love to be completely unbiased I am two hundred percent behind the gorgeous, lovely, disarming and incredibly interesting @Leddi_G – Naledi Radebe, because she’s my cousin, she’s really friggin beautiful and her style is so phuck off dope that I wouldn’t mind watching her on screen. Then we can talk about the fact that she has, for as long as I have known her, been a source of entertainment and when you watch her on television, it feels right, like it was meant to be.
Okay, that’s enough of my cheesy, older cousin gushing with pride BS. Vote for this girl…

Q: What would you like to be good at?

A: I’d love to be good at singing; I really think it’s the closest thing to being a super-hero. It’s a talent that can’t be taught, that a lucky few are blessed with. That or a professional ice-skater!
Q: What makes you happy?
A: Lemon meringue from Lazari’s bakery. Watching a really good film at nouveau alone. Anything involving bacon. Cat/baby/9gag memes on the internet. Blasting gully ignorant music in my car- windows down. Itis after Sunday lunch. Finding a gem in a thrift store. A deep glass of good wine. The ciggy that comes with it. Payday. Cracking a joke that everyone laughs at and gives daps. The smell of new shoes, popcorn mixed with smarties. Rainy days spent in front of a fireplace. Holidays. Finding long-forgotten money in pockets and hiding-places. Belly-shaking chuckles with my sisters. Waking up on time for Neighbourgoods. Sleeping in the passenger seat. Assignment due date extensions. Hot wings after a heavy night out. Admitting you like someone and receiving passionate reciprocation.
Naledi Radebe
Q: What makes you cross?
A: Traffic fines. Rude girls in club bathrooms. People stepping on my shoes. My sisters running late. Going halvies on the last eintjie. Continuous rants from my folks despite admitting fault. Incorrect weather predictions. Discussions about religion/politics/gender with the wrong group of people. The flashing sign of an empty fuel tank. Finding out about a sale too late. When guestlist fucks out. Black hair salons that hold back on the grease. Losing one eye contact. Worse- misplacing my specs. Stubbing my pinky toe- actually any toe. Passively racist folk. Long queues. The accessibility of SL cameras. Pretentious hipsters. The fact that I may be one. and the fact that we’ve been categorised. Any government department ie. Police station, home affairs etc. Being forced to pick sides between friends. A trifling lover.
Q: Do you own anything in your wardrobe that you absolutely can’t get rid of?
A: Do I own anything?! How about everything! It is an accepted fact in my family that I am a clinical hoarder( Hi – my names Naledi and I…tl tl). I can’t get rid of anything- closet’s over-flowing, I even take up the entire closet in the spare room. I just have a hunch about comeback styles and I’ve been proven right enough times to validate my habit. Buuuut if I had to get rid of everything and save a few I’d go with my new Zara shoulder spiked blazer and Steve madden heel-less high-heels, my black bowler hat, staple white all-stars, tan trench-coat, multi-coloured winter scarf, stone-wash 80’s jeans, camel-skin neck pouch, black suede ankle boots and my Duke university college tracksuit- live in it!
Q: How do clothes and style connect to your lifestyle?
A: I obviously dress according to my mood. My general temperament is chilled, so my style is fairly laid-back, quite throw-back and dramatic in some senses. I like statement pieces as well and I’m conscious of making statements with my appearance. Dressing well or interestingly in Cape Town is easy- there are so many stores with different options and people generally look good so there is great energy and inspiration to feed from. Being fashion conscious doesn’t strike a second thought – its conversational, it speaks to and expresses my personality and the things I like. With such a rich city culture it fits naturally with the places I go to, music I listen to, food I eat. I like that it’s filtered to other parts of SA so when I travel about I see glimpses of home and tend to slip right into the flow of things. Also, its important to have a sense of occasion, so I dress according to the theme of the day, the vibe or situation I know I will be in. Regardless of the occasion – even if I clean up my act in formal attire, I maintain an element of my wild-child nature. There will always be a gold bangle peeping out or glimpse of my tattoo or my nose ring.
Q: Where is your favourite place to be?
A: I love no place more the comfort and safety of my bedroom. I spend my time thinking, watching movies, drawing, working, talking to myself, dancing around.Everything precious to me lies there. Outside I’ll go with Neighbourhood. Ashamed to admit I am a hoodlum of note – and part of a gang no less, friendly with staff, know the menu off-hand, when I don’t know where to go it’s the first place that comes to mind – basically home away from home. Further out – New York. I can think of any other place that ignites a fire in me like that city does. I’m awe-struck by it and every memory of it is rich and detailed in ways my faulty memory never usually consents to.
Vote for Naledi by logging onto www.mtvbase.com or sending a SMS with the Text “VJ 2” followed by “Yes” to shortcode 33394.
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    Awesome interview.Naledi has a way with words,stunning girl too

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