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Mayra FatehBeen a while since I did a #teeteewantstoknow feature.

A combination of laziness and lack of inspiration led to this, but after meeting @mayrafateh I needed to make sure I did this post ASAP.
Quick background story on how I got to meet Mayra…
Hardy McQueen introduced Mayra and I over email so that I could feed back some information regarding Johannesburg and South African females to her for  eVe without adam before her visit to Johannesburg for STR.CRD 2012. After some online back and forth, we finally met at Open on Kruger Street in Maboneng Johannesburg, feeling like we been knowing each other.

Beside having the sickest style ever and literally knocking Vashtie out of her spot as number one girl crush, she is incredibly inspirational from a fashion, style and career perspective. Her point of view on women in the world of street culture and street wear and her mission to make sure that all the myths around that are demystified, is all done whilst looking super cute  and hot, which is how you really know someone is just dope to the core… is what I always say.


You recently visited Johannesburg South Africa for STR.CRD 2012 to cover the event from a eVe without adam perspective. Can you give me 4 words to describe Johannesburg from your few days here…

A: Contrast, First-Timer, New Friends, Real Love

Q: What do you think of South African street wear / fashion?

A: Completely unexpected hipsterness! Theres a lot of individuality and creativity when it comes to style, most of the people I met looked absolutely fly. Locally produced fashion has great influences, just might need to refine quality and finishings.

Q: For those readers who don’t know what eVe without adam is all about: What’s it all about? Why did you start the website?

A: We started to go online in 2010, with the main purpose to create a strong international female network by giving them a voice within the the male dominancy of street wear. Now we can say that we show a contemporary mood-board of our Zeitgeist and giving insights into the worlds of important public female figures.

Q: What are your thoughts on the world of street culture, street wear and the ladies? Sometimes it feels like the curators and innovators are mostly male? Thoughts?

A: On a mere surface that might be true. But I believe there are many dope females out there, influencing in the same way, or maybe even more, in some certain circles. The main reason for that being that ladies don’t tend to elbow their way through success. In the past, guys would speak up more, but we are in midst changing that.

Q: You also work for Bread and Butter as the Product Manager of the Street Fashion area, tell us a bit about how you got into that?

A: I was studying Fashion Marketing and Communication in Barcelona, when I jobbed at BBB as a hostess for the first time. I did that for 3-4 times, until it got pretty clear that I would love to work their on a long-term basis. I started hardcore stalking my now-boss, until I won him over after I finished my studies. I packed my things and within a week I moved to Berlin, four and half years ago.

Q: What is the day in the life of Mayra Fateh like? because she seems like a really busy lady…

A: Haha. Busy life it is! After waking up in my new cribbo, I work full time at BBB during the day. After work, it is when I start taking care of eVe without adam, together with my second half and partner Michal Tesler. In the first months that used to be on a daily basis, now we try to make some free time on some evening for our personal life. Its important to keep the balance.

Q: What would you like to be good at?

A: To be able to give my mind a break!

Q: What makes you happy?

A: My family, my man, my gurls and global friends, where I am today and waking up on a tropical island.

Q: What makes you cross?

A: Ignorance, selfishness, having the need to be attached to a money job = not really free!

Q: Do you own anything in your wardrobe that you absolutely can’t get rid of?

A: An old belt from my 100 year old grandmother


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